Radiant POS Update 03/17/2006

Click here for New Coupons and Buttons 3-13-06.doc

Click here for Regional Promotions Screenshot 3-13-06.zip

This is scheduled for all stores except the following, which do not have connectivity: 02-515, 02-628, 04-675, 04-734, 60-910, 73-1026.

The changes will take place by Friday March 17, 2006. The Radiant Help Desk is fully aware of the update and is prepared to answer questions as needed.

Included are the Regional Promotions buttons that were displayed at the recent Ops meeting. (Attached screenshots for those unable to attend.) Also added were edited coupon buttons that were created to match the Grand Opening specials that are currently available. (See attached document for breakdown.)

Other Changes that were made to the buttons/panels:

The "Bottled Drinks" button has been changed to "Other Drinks."
A "Milk" button has been added to the Other Drinks Panel.
A "Wine" button was added to the Spirits panel. (Additional buttons added for the Canadian market, but not configured yet. Next update.)
Changed the 50% discount to be able to discount specific items instead of the whole check by default. (Other discounts will be modified in next update.)
Corrected text on Super Shrimp Bowl.
"Promotion" button reduced in size and changed to "System Wide Promotions."
New Button: "Regional Promotions"
New Buttons/Panels: "States & Provinces" which link from the Regional Promotions button.
New Buttons/Panels: "Omaha" & "Lincoln Hastings" DMA's linked from 'NE" in the States & Provinces Panel
New Button: "Student Special" for NE DMA's
New Button: "Working Man's Special #1" for NE DMA's
New Button: "Working Man's Special #2" for NE DMA's
New Button: "Free 1/2 Burrito w/Full Burrito, 22oz" for NE DMA's

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