to:                  Franchisees with the Aloha System                        

from:            IT Department

subject:     POS Update for Tuesday, May 23, 2006

date:             5/17/2006

cc:                  Master Developers, Operations TEam

This is scheduled for all restaurants except the following, which do not have connectivity:

02-515, 02-628, 04-675, 60-910


If you are receiving this before your Aloha is installed please check for these screens when your machine becomes active.


The changes will take place on Tuesday, May 23, 2006.  Please make your restaurant managers and openers aware of these changes.  They will need to update the prices of any new menu items if applicable.


The last few pages are the screen shots of the “System Wide Promotions” panel with the new Beach Taco buttons and the “Coupon Panel” with the new WorkPlace buttons.  Share these with your crew members and use them to train if necessary!


The Radiant Help Desk is fully aware of the update and is prepared to answer questions as needed.


POS Changes/Updates in this distribution:

Deleted Button:  "Bucket of Burritos" (from System Wide Promo panel)

Edited Buttons:  Changed color from red to green on the “Taco Kit & “Enchilada Kit” buttons

Added Button:  “(1) Beach Taco” in (to System Wide Promos panel)

Added Button:  “Beach Taco Combo” (to System Wide Promos panel)

Edited: “Discount and Promo” categories changed from “All food” to “All Items” (Spirits will now be available for discount per request.)

Added Promo:  #2009 “50% off Coupon”

Added Category:  #525 “Entrees for coupons”

Added Promo:  #2010 “BOGO Entrée Coupon”

Added Button:  “BOGO Entrée coupon” (To coupon Panel)

Added Button:  “50% off any Item coupon” (To coupon Panel)

Added Modifier Group:  #10375 for Beach Tacos


NOTE:  - “Entrees” for the WorkPlace coupon constitute the following items ONLY: Burritos, Salads, Combo Meals, Quesadillas and Baja Bowls.  All other items are not considered Entrees for this coupon.

-          Default price for (1) Beach Taco = $1.49

-          Default price for Beach Taco Combo = $4.99 (You may need to adjust these prices in your specific market.)

-          As stated previously, combo meals are considered a “promotion” by the POS.  Because of this, if you need to discount a combo meal, (Discount a discount) you must use the $ or % Discount buttons found in the “Discounts Menu” panel.

-          A reminder:  To use the “Burrito BOGO” and “BOGO Entrée” buttons, you will be prompted to, “Select the required promo item.”  This is the item that you want the customer to PAY for.  (Typically the more expensive item.)



Select “System Wide Promotions”


For ordering a single Beach Taco.


For ordering the Beach Taco Combo.









Use this button for the Mojito Burrito BOGO.  Note: The free burrito does not have to be a “Mojito” burrito.


“50% off any item” coupon button.  Note: The $3.00 minimum purchase is not enforced by the POS.  This must be done by the Cashier.


BOGO Entrée coupon button.  Except for combo meals, which must be done using the $ or % discount button.


Example of how coupons will read.


Please note that while these buttons will be included in the promo menu of all Radiant systems, they should only be used by those restaurants participating in the Workplace program May 22.


If you are participating in Workplace this spring, please make sure to utilize these keys so we can accurately assess the success of this program.


Thank you for your help!