to:                 franchisees with the aloha system

from:           it department

subject:    pos update scheduled for 4-9-07

date:            4/5/2007

cc:                 master developers, ops team

This is scheduled for restaurants using the Aloha POS system with active Radiant support. If you are receiving this before your Aloha is installed please check for these screens when your machine becomes active.


These changes will take place on Monday, April 9, 2007.  Please make your restaurant managers and openers aware of these changes.  They will need to update the prices of any new menu items if applicable.  (See Below)


The Radiant Help Desk is fully aware of the update and is prepared to answer questions as needed.


Both New Menu & Traditional Menu Screen Layouts:

Edited Button:  Renamed “Taco Salad” button to “Salads” on main panel

Added the following items/buttons to the “Salads” panel:

      Added Item/Button:  #1915 “Cabo Salad Beef” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1916 “Cabo Salad Chicken” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1917 “Cabo Salad Pork” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1918 “Cabo Salad Shred” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1919 “Cabo Salad Fish” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1920 “Cabo Salad Steak” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1921 “Cabo Salad Veggie” $5.99 default 

      Added Item/Button:  #1922 “Cabo Salad LTO” $5.99 default 

Edited Category:  #105 “All Salads” to include all of the above Cabo Salad items

Added Item/Button: “Enchilada Platter” to “Platters” panel (Uses item #25007)

Edited Item:  #25007 to read “Enchilada Platter” (Did not change default price of $5.49)

Edited Button:  From “Baja Platter” to “Baja – Build Your Own Platter”

Edited Button:  “Platter Specials” to “Platters”

Edited Button:  Moved “Platters” button to main panel.

Deleted Button:  “Platter Specials” from “System Wide Promotions” Panel

Edited Item:  #3300 from “Cabo Chicken Salad” to “Cabo Salad”

Deleted Button:  “Collector’s Cup” from “System Wide Promotions” Panel

Deleted Button:  “Mug Refill” from “System Wide Promotions” Panel

Deleted Button:  “Bobble Head” from “System Wide Promotions” Panel


 New Menu Screen Layout only:

Deleted Button:  “Enchilada with Rice & Beans” from the “Enchiladas” Panel

Deactivated Panel:  “Enchilada – New Menu test”

Edited Button:  Reduced the size of the “Super Nachos” button on main panel

Edited Button:  From “Enchiladas” to “Enchiladas a la carte” (moved next to super nachos)

Edited Item:  #15004 from “Monito Veggie” to “Mondito Veggie”