to:                  Franchisees with the Aloha System                        

from:            IT Department

subject:     POS Update for MONDAY, December 11, 2006

date:             12/7/2006

cc:                  Master Developers, Operations TEam

This is scheduled for all restaurants using the Aloha POS system.  If you are receiving this before your Aloha is installed please check for these screens when your machine becomes active.


These changes will take place on Monday, December 11, 2006.  Please make your restaurant managers and openers aware of these changes.  They will need to update the prices of any new menu items if applicable.  (See Below)


The Radiant Help Desk is fully aware of the update and is prepared to answer questions as needed.


Added Panel:  “Meat Choice 1”  - (Platter proteins)

Added Panel:  “Meat Choice 2”  - (Platter Proteins)

Added Panel:  “Meat Choice 1 (New)”  - (Platter proteins)

Added Panel:  “Meat Choice 2 (New)”  - (Platter Proteins)

Added Panel:  “Punch Cards”  (Screenshot below)

Added Panel:  “Punch Cards (New)”

Created Promo:  #1021 “$5.00 Punch Card”

Edited Button:  “Punch Card” to “Punch Cards”

Added Category:  #534 “Platters” Includes item #15075, 15076, 15077

Added Promo:  #2011 “Platter BOGO Coupon”

Added Button:  “Platter BOGO Coupon” to Coupon panel (Screenshot below)

Added Button:  “Platter BOGO Coupon” to Coupon panel (New)

Edited Modifier:  “Baja Platter” now uses mods from “Meat Choice 1”

Edited Modifier:  “Quesadilla Platter” now uses mods from “Meat Choice 1”

Edited Button:  “Kid Rice & Beans” now defaults the Rice & Beans.  Only drink choice is required.

Edited Promo:  #115 “Make it a Combo” to allow for group deletion.

Edited Buttons:  The Following buttons now chain back to the main panel after completion:

                          Mondito Burrito & Taco (Try This)

                          Friday 2 Fish Tacos (Daily Specs)

                          Churro (Desserts)

                          2 Churros (Desserts)

                          Bottled Root Beer (Other Drinks)

Note:  The Enchilada/Taco platter is now priced as an item. (#15076)  It is no longer priced under the “promotions” tab.  This was done to facilitate menu mix reporting, to keep it consistent with the other platters and to allow the BOGO Platter coupon functionality.  As always, please confirm that you have the correct price entered in your specific store drop-down of the price change maintenance area of Aloha Manager.